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During a sleepless night in London, celebrated Utah stained-glass artist Tom Holdman took a stroll toward the Thames. As he saw the city lights glistening in the river, it occurred to him that the homes and buildings reflected there were filled with people who were a lot like him.


“I suddenly realized that I shared more similarities than differences with all these people,” he explains. “Like everyone everywhere, they loved their families, put on clothes, went to work, paid bills, had friends, and were probably involved in their communities in some way,” he says. “Perhaps more significant, we share the same heartbeat and are created from the same number of DNA strands. I was struck—almost thunderstruck—by our shared humanity.”

Holdman’s brain flooded with ways to depict those common connections through stained and painted glass. He had just spent almost a dozen years on a 60,000-piece masterwork called Roots of Knowledge which unfolds the story of learning and discovery through time at its permanent home at Utah Valley University in Orem, Utah.


He had not imagined another monumental undertaking, but as he thought about shared human experiences, ideas spilled out as Holdman envisioned a gigantic transformational work that would embrace mankind’s shared humanity.


The breathtaking showcase will depict eminent moments in history through glass panels portraying humanity’s struggles and achievements that change the world in both large and small ways. A career-capping project that pushed the limits of stained-glass would serve as a celebration of our collective brother and sisterhood.

The Roots of Humanity Foundation

The Roots of Humanity Foundation is creating this educational and inspirational showcase. Through the medium of painted Glass-Art, this impressive project will depict freedom, determination, love, honor, adventure, courage, duty, charity, respect, perseverance and other attributes that show the successes of humanity throughout history. 


The Roots of Humanity Foundation, a 501-C-3 non-profit foundation, will manage the multi-faceted project and make the decisions that ultimately lead to the completion of Roots of Humanity as well as its presentation and function in the future.


Scholars, artists, students, structural and mechanical engineers, and builders will be gathered from throughout the world to breathe life into a 48 foot tall by 80 feet in diameter globe that will be illuminated both from within and without.


The Foundation, however, needs more than top quality leaders to make Roots of Humanity a reality. It needs invested people willing to donate resources for an intricately detailed and meticulous endeavor that will inspire, teach and unite those who see this stunning building made of art-glass.  

The Scope

With the steps to completion of Roots of Humanity in Utah, panels of the glass-art will tour the world to all continents. (Only Antarctica is excluded). 


With donated funds in hand, the Foundation has begun the work for the first seven windows to be built that will illustrate the project. Foundation members hope to inspire a continuous stream of visitors who will travel to Holdman Studios at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, Utah and catch a glimpse of what is becoming Roots of Humanity. In the center of the art-glass building, guests will see the Tree of Hope for Humanity, which features the elements of earth, water, wind and fire—and from which individual glass leaves will hang.

In-depth Research

Scholarly experts will examine multiple aspects of humanity that include families, the arts, writings, architecture, technology, medicine and events that are both tragic and triumphant. Included will be everyone from the common man to the noblemen, queens, kings, leaders, inventors, scientists and dreamers that have shaped and continue to shape humanity and our world.


The foundation will use many of the experts who assisted with Roots of Knowledge as well as new specialists from areas as far away as Paris, Tokyo, and Shanghai. Creative minds will come from multiple universities: University of Oxford, Shantou University, University of Melbourne, University of Cape Town, King Abdulaziz University, and Utah Valley University. In short, it will be a global interdisciplinary collaboration on the human experience.


Multiple techniques will underscore the numerous possibilities of stained and painted glass as scholars travel the world capturing visions illuminated in ribbons and shards of glass.

Why Your Donation Matters

Such a colossal undertaking requires gifted and experienced advisors and hundreds of people willing to take on the substantial but rewarding challenge.

Funds are needed for phase one of this remarkable piece of art. Help the Foundation fuel the spectacular work with your generosity and your spirit. Your contribution will be used for engineering, scholar input, artist designs, glass, glass artists, research and concept project. 

By donating to the Foundation, you will be contributing to a dream and building a reality. As you help create the multi-leveled, circular museum, you share in a communal vision.​

Learn about how to donate and what gifts you can receive for your donation.

Learn More About Donations

The ultimate goal to leave visitors changed by their Roots of Humanity experience as they learn what makes us human. It will be a journey of joy as well as a transformative experience that includes everyone. Imagine telling people you are touching the hearts and souls of humanity throughout the world.

With your generosity, you will join other committed individuals willing to donate time, expertise and funding to an explosion of understanding.

As Tom Holdman explains, “No matter what language an individual may speak, this beautiful artwork will ignite the fire of the heart through the language of art.”

Show Your Support

Your generous contributions will enable the inspiration of countless people.

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