Monumental Concept

The Roots Of Humanity Exhibit is designed as a traveling ambassador of peace connecting individuals and cultures around the globe while strengthening the universal hope for unity. The creative minds of students, scholars, and artists on all continents will contribute to the imagery and content in order

to fulfill this symbolic role.

Portrayed in the art structure is the delicate story of human existence depicting momentous occasions when men and women applied themselves to improve civilization. The assent through the interior will include a gallery of sculptures that compliments the art glass. Events that span the breadth of time, geography, and culture will convey how we are all connected as a human family.



The depicted images and sculptures will lace the ideas and emotions of many generations as one collage. This experience will be a flowing tapestry of the delicate balance of human threads. Imagery will explore what has brought humanity to this point in our journey and the possibilities of a successful future.

Original Concept

Revolutionary Architecture​

This will be an enlightening showcase of glass art depicting eminent moments in history, portraying humanity's struggles and achievements as men and women worked to fulfill their potential and change the world around them. The artwork explores how reflection, compassion, spirituality, and service have contributed to civilization's progress and a deeper respect for life. The goal behind this traveling exhibition is to honor the past, inspire the present, and build a better tomorrow.

Architectural Designs


Gallery Experience

The interior gallery of the Exhibit will feature a breathtaking representation of the Tree of Hope for Humanity, made entirely of glass-art. 11,000 square feet of stained glass will depict people, events, places, and stories that represent the growth of the human experience. 

"No matter what language an individual may speak, this beautiful artwork will ignite a fire in the heart through the language of art."

- Tom Holdman, Artist

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