The Roots of Knowledge stained glass window installation is located in Orem, Utah at Utah Valley University's Fulton Library. The project took 12 years to complete and $3 million. The window includes depictions of Sir Isaac Newton, Harriet Tubman, Louie Armstrong, the Berlin Wall, the invention of the chocolate cookie and the ballpoint pen, Stonehenge, Darwin, the Millennium Falcon and USS Enterprise, Alice in Wonderland, Walter Cronkite, Gandhi, Mr. Bean, Joan of Arc, the Great Depression, World War II, and Alfred Hitchcock (holding a knife behind his back). It also houses real objects encased in glass such as a meteorite, a Depression-era $1,000 bill and a 5-cent bill, gemstones, petrified wood, and two coins that are nearly 3,000 years old. Describing the Roots of Knowledge windows, Holdman states, "It’s a look at our history, but in a positive way. For instance, I show the Berlin Wall as it's being torn down. It shows what people can overcome."

To learn more about the Roots of Knowledge window installation, click here to go to the website.

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