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Why We Work with

Holdman Studios

To learn about the process of creating
stained glass art, click below:

Unlike other studios, Holdman Studios specializes in outstanding art glass painting. Holdman Studios produces glass art for residential homes, commercial buildings, public places, and religious structures. The finished work is not just one piece of art, but hundreds: as the light and environment alters, so will the art glass.


The expertise of the studio’s artists and craftsmen allows the studio to create customized art installations that combine the ancient craft of stained glass with beautiful, professional painting that uses the traditional techniques of art glass painting.

Whether it’s a family piece or the history of your organization, culture or country, Holdman Studios can create an art glass masterpiece that will touch the lives of those who see it. They will give your story real-life dimension through colors and the flow of light through glass light which awakens the visual senses of the viewer.

Modern Day

Stained Glass

Holdman Studios has been creating stained glass art since 1991. The Studio has been commissioned worldwide to design and create various projects in glass, each unique in its own style and flare to suit the concept and purpose of these establishments.


Commissioned projects have included glass panels, windows, art installations, etc in commercial buildings, private residences, religious installations and public art projects.

Our association with Holdman Studios goes beyond a mere collaboration; it's a shared vision. Both entities believe in the power of art to transcend boundaries, inspire individuals, and bind communities. The 'Pillars of Humanity', conceived as a thesis for the Roots of Humanity structure, is a shining testament to what can be achieved when like-minded entities converge for a noble cause.

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